Roma ’60 / Exhibition Catalogue

Rome during the 60’s…ha, what a decade! Who didn’t for once wish of being there? The years of the Piper Club, of “La Dolce Vita” as it is portrayed by Federico Fellini in his masterpiece. Italy’s capital city in those days was a melting pot of actors, singers, artists and ‘paparazzi’…this volume and the exhibition try to witness what it was like to be in Rome in those days. The exhibition was set in different cities of Piedmont, and given to its disparate nature, the idea of the book was to use several book templates, in order to give each section a different mood and feeling. An impression on the cover gives more emphasis to the title and logo of the event.

Edited by Luca Beatrice, published by Silvana Editoriale

Produced at brh+

Photographs by Tullio Deorsola

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