OXO Tower Wharf / Rebrand

The Oxo Tower on the South Bank is one of London’s iconic destinations on the river. A building where design and art meets food and shopping. A re-think of the building identity, reminding visitors of the great things happening within and improved signage around the building was long overdue.

Working with the tenants and building owners Coin Street Community Builders, we have set out to re-establish the iconic nature of Oxo Tower Wharf. Next showcase the businesses within and provide better wayfinding to encourage visitor circulation. The final phase will be to tell the story of its history within the SE1 South Bank area through a timeline.

Our design solution is a toolkit of ideas. Simple things, like bringing the original OXO logo on the building into play and re-introducing a vibrant red as part of the rebrand. A tagline ‘Creative London’ provides a description of the destination. The wayfinding interacts with the building, and draws people through and around the space. And product photography to add beauty and completes the story.
Oxo Tower Wharf is looking more homogeneous as a result.

Produced by 3 fish in a tree

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