London & Partners / BT ArtBox

It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to make your mark on a piece of British heritage – the 1935 Giles Gilbert Scott design classic, K6 telephone kiosk. Not legally anyway. It was all part of the BT Artbox project for the Childline charity during the summer of 2012 in London. Our friends at London & Partners, who sponsored a box, asked 3 fish to design their phone kiosk.

Armed with our brief, ‘Welcome to London – the world in one city,’ we set about creating a simple type-based idea, exploring the wealth of language spoken in our city. ‘Hello’ is written differently on all four sides of the box in 230 different languages. Apparently that is how many tongues are spoken in London in one way or another. You would have seen it, plum next to Tower Bridge outside City Hall, sending a warm welcome to all that passed through the city along the South Bank.


Produced at 3 fish in a tree

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