Lawyer Firm – Reception Desk

After many years doing graphic design, being involved in an interior and furnishing design project was really a bit of fresh air; it helped me a lot to get back to zero a literally start from scratch, discarding the usual workflow that I use when I’m designing a logo or a book or a website.


Different approach, different materials, different softwares, different issues…I really had to start over, looking at the very basics and speak with craftsmen in order to get perfect result. vista-prospettica4

The brief was simple: “we have these two (very large) rooms, we’d like to turned them into offices, with some big reception desks where the operators can talk to the clients.” And that was it. I’ve always been a huge fan of Massimo Vignelli’s work, so I decided to go for a 70’s feel, with straight and simple lines, where the beauty of the material is enhanced.

The project is currently under approval and revision.


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