KLM / Piñata Game in Facebook

An online game featured on the KLM UK & Ireland Facebook pages. KLM’s brief was to raise awareness of the KLM Facebook presence and brand, whilst promoting flights to for popular South American destinations.

3 fish devised, designed and produced the game.The idea of using a piñata party evolved to promote the vibrant culture of South America and provide a vehicle to sell each location. Players are invited to ‘start the party’ by bashing the piñatas, winning points as they go. Music sets the scene as the piñatas drop in front of lush landscapes. Bonus points are awarded for sharing the game on Facebook and Twitter, encouraging players to share the game and increasing traffic.

Since we launched the game in the UK & Ireland markets, we’ve translated it and made it work for Russian and most recently the Italian markets for KLM.


Produced by 3 fish in a tree

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