Gipo Farassino – Artwork

I love work for musicians, probably because I’m a musician too, but also because they let you go over the edge, and share the same passion for creativity, art and generally the whole concept of turning one idea into a real thing, wherever it is a project, a song or anything else.
So, in 2010, Gipo Farassino, a Turin born singer, songwriter and storyteller, came to BRH+ asking us to do the art-direction of his forthcoming album, called Racconti in Musica (Tales in Music); given the literature-oriented style of his songwriting, we came up with an artwork that shows Gipo walk through the most undiscovered places of Turin – his/our city.


Show him talking and having a cigar in a small bar, sitting nearby a riverbank, walking on a bridge or some backstreets, kinda relates very closely with the subject of his songs, stories of ordinary people living ordinary lives. gp_03 gp_04

And by the way, he’s one of the sweetest and funniest persons I’ve ever met.

Produced at brh+


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