About Me

Graduated in Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Torino, I soon find myself interested and fascinated by graphic design and visual communication: I believe that the key to great design is a great idea, translated into an easy, elegant, minimal but yet powerful sign.

Complexity of the concepts vs simplicity of the shapes and languages used to tell it: the most important designs in history came out of this sharp contrast, and that’s the only rule that I try to follow and apply to my works, wherever they are a brand, an identity, a website or something else.

I have a superb attitude for working in a team and a great passion for everything regarding my job. Several years of heterogeneous experience as artworker, graphic designer and assistant art director made me become capable of bounce among a vastity of fields, from book design to advanced photoshop, from video-editing to websites’ layout design.

So, if you like anything of what you see here, get in touch and we’ll find a way to work together.

Have fun.

“Francesco is a true graphic designer. His appreciation of type, colour, space and layout translates directly into beautiful and pragmatic designs that are well thought-through. He has the ability to take a brief from initial idea to completion or to add value as part of a creative team.

I enjoyed working with Francesco and found his layer-back style a great foil to my panicky management style. I know he was a very values member of the 3fish team and I believe he will be a very valued member of whatever team he joins in the future.”

(Ricky Oh, Partner & Director, 3 fish in a tree)

“Francesco is a first and foremost a lovely guy. I met him in London two years ago, when he came to work in the 3 fish studio in London as a graphic designer. He is very passionate about his craft, which comes through in his approach to design – very disciplined with great attention to detail. His influences are pulled from Italian design, in particular furniture and cars. 

He worked at the studio in a particularly busy period with the build up to the London Olympics. As part of my design team he worked on many high pressure sponsor projects. He proved to be a reliable team player in helping to deliver some great work under pressure. I wish him all the best on his return to Turin and developing the next successful stage of his design career.”

(Paul Ridyard, Partner & Director, 3 fish in a tree)

“Francesco produced a stunning visual identity for the Houses of Parliament’s arts programme in 2012. It was frequently commented on by members of the public as well as Parliament officials and Members. It was original, bold and artistic. He worked very hard to produce something totally unique. He is a pleasure to work with.”

(Lucy Shaw, Project Manager of Arts in Parliament)

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